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Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Power of Hindsight

I've often seen the question asked 'If you were a superhero what super power would you have?'. Would it be Strength or Sight or just the ability to run very fast? 

Today I wish I had been given the 'Power of Hindsight'....

With hindsight I would've told Hanna she would need to miss her tapdancing lesson for this week as Jack had Chickenpox and the husband was at a football tournament with Sam.....but instead I said 'don't worry we will just wait in the car and watch out for you when you finish'

With hindsight I shouldn't have let the big car, driving right behind me with its lights on in the rain, intimidate me enough to feel that I should put mine on too (and leave them on whilst waiting in the car outside the dance school).

With hindsight I should not have spent all my Tesco Clubcard points on Pizza Express vouchers and should've saved some to renew my RAC membership that I'd had for 8 years and only once used when my boot wouldn't open when I had taken Sam camping.

With hindsight I should have packed a bag of snacks for the Hanna and Jack for when they got hungry in the car waiting for Daddy to come and rescue us.

With hindsight I should've checked that I'd put the valve into the Tommee Tippee non spill beaker so that it didn't all leak over the back seat of the car where Hanna sits.

With hindsight I should've put a belt on so that my jeans didn't slip around my backside whilst running across the road in the rain with one hand in Hanna's and the other clutching a bag of ham rolls, crisps and drinks.

But my powers must've been partially working as I did take my purse that I would not normally have taken unless I was planning to do some shopping on the way home........and managed to spend £53.50 renewing my RAC membership and £71.99 on a new battery from the RAC man.


  1. Ouch. Not a great day! Hope your ok though Helen! xx

  2. jessies_online18 June 2011 at 15:46

    all ok now thanks Katie...Jack's sleeping and I've just naughtily finished off his Milky Bar cow!!

  3. hindsight! cracking invention.....

  4. Oh no, what a terrible day. I have 20/20 hindsight but rubbish foresight.

  5. Shit what a beast of a day xxx



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