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Monday, 6 June 2011

My First Week of MUMenTUM

A week ago I wrote here about how I wanted to lose some of my bloatiness over the next 10 days (and beyond) in time for a book launch that I would be attending. I swore I would abide by certain rules such as cutting out bread and chocolates and cutting down on caffeine.

Do you want to hear how I got on this week? Really? Then read on :

1. Eat no chocolate or sweets or cakes or puddings 
I did pretty well with this, although I failed on Saturday night when I really fancied something sweet. I satisfied my craving with a 45g bar of Milka and washed it down with a very hot cup of tea so I'm sure my stomach wasn't even aware that it was in receipt of chocolate. My only other mishaps were very minor - 1 smartie and 1 chocolate button! I was very proud of myself on Friday when I took Jack for a blood test at the hospital and as a treat for being so brave I bought him a large chocolate chip cookie and these for the rest of the family :

And I can honestly say that not a morsel passed my lips!

2. Eat no bread
This was a tough one, but one that I succeeded in doing without mishap. The hardest moments were when I was making Marmite on toast for the kids, mmm the smell of hot buttered toast was hard to resist, but I did it.

3.Cut down on caffeine
Instead of drinking coffee and tea throughout the day I bought myself some herbal teas to try. I've never found any herbal or fruit teas that I have liked, and these were no different. When I first tried them I gagged and had trouble getting them down, but after a couple of days, with the help of a spoonful of 'Very Lazy Ginger' and a squeeze of lemon juice, I must say I was quite enjoying them. I'm not sure I will be buying more boxes but I'll make sure I finish these up anyway. I still had a coffee in the morning, to ensure that I didn't suffer from withdrawal headaches and on Saturday I treated myself to a Starbucks Skinny Latte with an extra shot when I met my friend in town for a coffee to escape our Chicken Pox ridden daughters!

4. No Alcohol
This one was easy. I wasn't going out anywhere and I don't often drink at home so it was easy to avoid having wine, although on Friday evening sitting in the garden a small beer wouldn't have gone amiss.

5. Drink more water
I probably still haven't been drinking as much water as I should be but I'm drinking more than I have been. I've had at least 2-3 large glasses (pints) of water every day. A tip from Claire was to have a large drink of water before each meal, which I did....when I remembered. In the coming week I will try and increase my intake of water as I know I always feel much better when I do, and it's good for the skin too.

6. Eat my 5 a day
I think I've pretty much passed with this one too, I always eat a lot of fruit and vegetables when I have them in the house but unfortunately they never seem to last long in our house. We can go from a full fridge being stuffed full of fruit and veg to being almost empty within  the space of a just a few days. For breakfast I've been either having fruit and yoghurt or a cooked breakfast off eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms.

It's difficult not having bread as a bit more time and effort needs to go into the meals. It's not been too bad last week as it was half term but this week it will be harder with the rushing around of school /pre-school runs. For a few of my lunches I've been having a large salad with a Baked Potato topped with cottage cheese and apple or celery, walnut and apple mixed with natural yoghurt and a pinch of cinnamon.


For my evening meal I've either had the same as the rest of the family if I've felt it has been healthy enough for me, or I've done myself a stir fry.

7. Increase my exercise
The beginning of the week started out well, I managed 30 minutes on the Wii Fit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, doing a combination of step plus, jogging and hula hooping. By Thursday I started to lose interest a bit and when my husband said 'If you're going to go on the Wii Fit you need to do it now as Britains Got Talent is on in half an hour' I found other things to do! Now the kids are back at school I'm going to try and use the Wii Fit during the day so there are no excuses when it comes to the evening.

8. Eat at regular times
As I mentioned above, I've actually been eating breakfast this week, and at a normal breakfast time too. I've also managed to eat lunch and dinner at quite respectable times too. The only day when I failed miserably was Saturday, when I skipped breakfast completely and had a very late lunch, following my Starbucks Latte.

On the whole I feel that I've done quite well, and have noticed that some of the puffiness in my hands has gone down, and my wedding ring is becoming loose again. I've only lost 2lbs this week, which to be honest I'm a little disappointed with, but if I stick at it and lose 2lbs every week it will mean that by the time my birthday comes around in the middle of July I will be 10lbs lighter than what I am now!

I've been managing what and how much I eat with the help of  my Weight Watchers online points tracker, after all I have been paying £10 a month for the privilege of having it I thought I may as well use it. I've also tried not to have any processed foods or ones with preservatives in where possible, and I've made all my meals from scratch using fresh ingredients. The support from the MUMenTUM girls has been great, it's like being part of a little family, and Liska has worked so hard setting up everyones biogs and keeping in touch with us all via email.

My week ahead will mainly consist of the same as last week but on Thursday there will be a big blip when I attend a book launch for Prepped! (an amazing cookery book by Vanessa Kimbell), followed by an Indian Meal out for my friend's 40th birthday. I aim to get right back on track on Friday though.

Find out below how other members of MUMenTUM have been getting on in their mission to lose their Mum Tum too.


  1. You've eaten so healthily...I'm impressed. I think you need a few treats across the week...the key is to just have one choccie button and not four family size bags in one sitting! Keep it up...go us!!!!

  2. You are doing so so so very well and your posts are always so comprehensive. LOVE IT

  3. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 12:54

    I think I would've eaten more if Jack hadn't said 'no Mummy....Jacks choccut'!!
    Go Us !!!!!

  4. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 12:55

    Thanks Liska, I am really enjoying doing it too! x

  5. You are doing fantastically well. One chocolate do you stop? and those chocolate Clairol they are my favorite treats! I could never buy them for everyone else hee he. Keep it up and you will be at your goal soon enough 2 lbs a week a really healthy way to do it :-) x

  6. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 15:04

    chocolate Clairol? I'm guessing that's predictive text for Eclairs! ha ha. and Thank you Karen. I just need to take a leaf out of your book and step it up a gear with my exercise.

  7. I'm exactly the same with herbal teas although I do enjoy a cup of Green tea...its the only one I like though. 2LBs is a great loss...Better off than on! I would soooo struggle to resist marmite on toast, infact I've totally avoided buying it since I've started the diet...Its just too tempting for me x

  8. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 17:48

    I've never tried Green tea, I suppose that might be my next step!
    Peanut butter is another weakness, although it's still quite possible to have that without the toast.....on a banana, or for even less calories a spoon!

  9. Michelle Twin Mum6 June 2011 at 22:31

    Well done, what a great week! If you keep with it, the weight will keep flying off.

    Mich x

  10. Gosh Helen, You are doing so well and your meals look so healthy and appetising! If you keep it up, you'll be at your goal weight before you know it :)

  11. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 22:41

    Thanks Michelle.....I hope so! x

  12. jessies_online6 June 2011 at 22:42

    Thanks, just got to keep it up now & hopefully by Xmas I may be there!

  13. Well done what a great post. I love the things you are doing. I do love pukka teas. Rooibos is also good as a tea alternative. the eclairs do look rather tempting though...

  14. Well done Helen, sounds like you have had a great week. The thing I am most impressed about is that you didn't eat those eclairs- they look amazing lol! You have more willpower than me!!! x

  15. Multiple Mummy7 June 2011 at 17:06

    You are doing so well lovely I am really impressed! Herbal tea as well! There is no way in the world I would have had the will power to resist eclairs! xx

  16. Well done, there are lots of really good things you are doing in there and 2lbs is great. Stick at it and 2lbs a week is a manageable amount to lose. Don't worry about Thursday as it's only one day. Just cut yourself some slack that day then straight back on it again on Friday xx

  17. Mummyandthebeastie8 June 2011 at 17:18

    Well done you! What a comprehensive list to follow and it will be great for you to refer back to. Well done for resisting the eclairs! I did the same a few weeks back with cake at work, I was very proud of myself, sadly it wasn't to last!! I know what you mean about fruit tea, I think the more you drink of something the more you become accustomed to it. I wish I could do that with green tea. I like raspberry herbal tea (because of my addiction to raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy!).

    Get out from the back of the line and stand up front, bravo!! seriously you have done well :-) xx



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