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Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Karaoke Song Meme

I have been tagged by the fabulous and funny Wendy at Inside The Wendy House, in between fantasising over pictures of cakes on the internet (but that's another story), in a Karaoke Song Meme. Which song would we choose to sing if we found ourselves holding a Karaoke mic. I think this is a highly unlikely position for me to find myself in nowadays but in the past I have found myself belting out the likes of  'Hey Mickey' , 'Killing Me Softly' and Elton John's 'Your Song' - but only ever after a few lots to drink.

Unlike Wendy I'm nowhere near brave enough to post a video of myself singing so you will just have to put up with the lovely Paul Weller singing my Karoke song of choice 'Broken Stones'

Just as I listened to this again I had the most horrendous flashback to Boxing Day last year when I was singing   shouting wailing this whilst standing on a bar stool (yes a bar stool, an Ikea folding bar stool no less) in my kitchen with my friend Lisa. I'm sure there are videos somewhere so you may even be lucky unlucky enough to see me singing after all.

ADDITION: Now I can't believe I'm adding this, my face is going red as I write this, but here as promised, is a video taken on Boxing Day of myself and my friend singing - it's not Broken Stones whilst standing on bar stools (we don't have that one) so you will have to make do with us killing 'Rocking Chair' by Oasis..........

I now tag the following, so come along and tell us what you will be singing when you get your hands on the mic!

Mummy and the Beastie
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Reluctant Housedad
The Grumpinator
Caroles Characters


  1. I'm sure you didn't wail!!! Great song :-) lots to drink is good :-)

  2. jessies_online12 June 2011 at 08:36

    you should've heard it!!

  3. This song is so mood envoking. Makes me feel deep. Don't know why.
    Must add a link to you in my karaoke post. Did not realise you tagged me too.
    Liska xx

  4. Oh we want to see the evidence, come on now don't be a spoil sport :) x

  5. jessies_online13 June 2011 at 11:42

    ha ha,not sure who has got the video.....hopefully it's been destroyed but I will try & find out!!

  6. I thought you were very brave for a minute then!!

  7. Brilliant! You are brave, but actually not that bad :) x

  8. jessies_online13 June 2011 at 14:32

    Carole, you are very kind..........I'm stupid and it's hideous!!!! x

  9. Hahaha ... brilliant! (& brave) :-D

  10. Marvellous!!! I particularly enjoyed the head banging!!! hehe I love the internet!!! How else could I have discovered you Helen!!! xxxx

  11. jessies_online13 June 2011 at 18:06

    maybe on X-Factor or Britains Got Talent!!!!



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