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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Science Sparks - Volcano Experiment

Over on Mummy Mummy Mum!! and Multiple Mummy Emma and Kerry are posting a Science experiment each week as something fun to do with the kids. They both enjoyed Science when they were younger and both took a Science Degree and thought it would be fun to share their love of it with the rest of us. In future weeks there may also be a linky and a badge to add to your blog.

This week it's a Volcano. You can read about it on Emma's blog here, she will tell you what you need and what you will need to do.

I was planning on doing this yesterday with Jack but as Hanna was off school ill it didn't happen. Instead I did it with her this afternoon when she was feeling better.

We only had a large plastic bottle so cut it down to make a smaller one and Hanna covered it in brown sugar paper to make our 'volcano'.

We gathered everything together and prepared the bottle with all the ingredients (we didn't have red or yellow liquid food colouring, only paste, so had to use cochineal so it looks a bit pink!) except the vinegar.  The first time Hanna added the vinegar it fizzed up a bit but not much, she then tried again. This time it reached the top but didn't come out but 3rd time lucky we had success! I think the bottle was still too big for the quantities that we used so we thought we should try again with a small vase. This time it worked perfectly but as you can see from the video it resembles something other than a it my filthy mind or can you see it too???!

oh and the bang was the kitchen door not someone being shot.

Why don't you pop over to Mummy Mummy Mum!! and Multiple Mummy and join in.


  1. Excellent! I am so pleased you had a go! It really does look good. Plus I am sure it is your dirty mind! He he. I would never think such a thing! In fact I have no idea what you mean! ;)

  2. Brilliant!! thank you so much for having a go. Do you think we should have a linky? Or is that a rude word these days :-)

  3. Oh well done! I was going to say that your girly weekend has made you have a filthy mind, but having watched your video I'd agree!



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