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Monday, 23 May 2011

Science Sparks - Float Test

Over on Mummy Mummy Mum!! and Multiple Mummy Emma and Kerry are posting a Science experiment each week as something fun to do with the kids. They both enjoyed Science when they were younger and both took a Science Degree and thought it would be fun to share their love of it with the rest of us. In future weeks there may also be a linky and a badge to add to your blog.

This week it's a a simple Float Test. You can read about the science part of it on Emma's blog here, she will tell you what you need and what you will need to do.

I have tried this out a few times with Sam and Hanna in the past, but so far not with Jack. I think he's still a bit too young to understand why objects float and sink but he enjoyed throwing them into the water and playing with them anyway.

First we grabbed a bucket and gathered a few things up from around the house. I filled the bucket with water without realising that it had a huge crack in it so the test was interrupted by some frantic mopping of water off the kitchen floor. I then decided then to use our camping washing up bowl ( the day to day bowl was in use at this time!), which has more recently doubled up as a sick bowl.

Warning : don't watch the video if you have a weak bladder, there are lots of water sounds!

I wrote down a list of all the items we had gathered in the bucket and Jack popped them in one by one to see whether they would float or sink, and we discussed the outcome of each. 

In reality Jack threw them all in the bowl (nearly falling off the chair as he went as you can see in the clip), splashing water all over myself and my list & not listening to me in the slightest when I tried to point out which ones were floating and which were sinking. He had a great time in doing so anyway and here are our results.

Apple - floats half under the surface of the water
Metal car - sinks
Plastic toy casserole dish - floats
Plastic orange - floats
Sponge Ball - floats
Ball with holes in - floats under the surface of the water
Plastic apple - floats
Mega Bloks brick - floated until it filled with water and then it floated beneath the surface
Bouncy balls - the clear one floated and the patterned one sank to the bottom
Plastic fork - floats
Grape - sinks
Postman Pat sheep - sinks

We then put the coloured bouncy ball and the sheep into the casserole dish to see if the dish would still float with those two items in, that had previously sank, and it did!


Why don't you pop over to Mummy Mummy Mum!! and Multiple Mummy and join in.


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! I love the way he starts to eat the apple!! xx

  2. I love that video! I've just laughed out loud at him eating the apple. He's a cheeky monkey! His speech is ever so good for a two and a bit year old you know. That's a Next t-shirt isn't it? And I love you fridge.

    Oh, and clever scientific development from J.

  3. You've got Disqus! When did that happen?



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