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Friday, 13 May 2011

Need help around the house anyone?

Whilst I was out driving today I was moving slowly in traffic and following a van.

On the rear of the van in large lettering it said

 "Do you need help around the house?" 

yes, yes, yes, me, me, me, I do.........


yes, yes, yes


well I usually get Asda to deliver but I suppose if someone wanted to do the online order for me then that would be ok


oh yes please, since that cold winter killed off most of my shrubbery the garden is looking a bit sorry for where do I sign up??

"Personal Care?"

Well I don't really need this for myself.....but.......I suppose they could help with Jack's personal care and change a few come on where do I sign up???

Then I looked to the other back door of the van


Oh, I suppose that's not me then!


  1. Haha it would be nice though- I am sure they wouldn't be ageist lol if you need the help!!!

  2. Oh bugger, 'cos that would have been really helpful! And isn't that ageism?

  3. HAHA business idea in there somewhere. Mummyhelp UK,



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