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Monday, 9 May 2011

My Fairy Godmother

How excited was I today when our Fairy Godmother delivered us a parcel.

I knew what it was before I opened it as I had seen it on a few blogs already, but I was still very excited and somehow managed to leave it for the kids to open. The lovely people at Fairy Non Bio contacted me to say that I had been chosen to receive a 'bespoke and exclusive' giftpack to celebrate Fairy Non Bio's partnership with Disney's Winnie The Pooh as well as the recently released movie. I was thrilled to be chosen and even more thrilled when it arrived.

Sam & Jack tore open the packaging, which took some time due to the amount of 'Fragile' tape and bubble wrap. Sam wondered what all the fuss was about, saying "but it's only a cupboard", but once it was opened up Jack took each item out, held it up and said "about this one cheese".... I have him well trained.

The toy chest is gorgeous in itself and of excellent quality, being Pin Furniture, but what makes it special are the Fairy Non Bio stickers but in particular this one :

How cool is that! Ok well this blog is not exactly called 'Jessie's Crazy Kitchen' but as it will now take pride of place in my (Jess, as I'm known) kitchen, I'm extremely happy with it. 

Inside the chest there was some Fairy Non Bio Gel, Softener, a lovely fleece blanket, a Pooh teddy and 3 audio books - Winnie the Pooh and a day for Eeyore, The Original Story of Winnie the Pooh and Piglet's Big Movie. These are available with every purchase of Fairy Non Bio (gel, liquitabs, powder and softener) until the end of September. You just need to send off your till receipt and you will receive the audio book of your choice.

We haven't listened to them yet but will do soon, unless Jack gets hold of them and posts them in the Wii first!

I have been sent all these lovely goodies free of charge, however I wasn't asked to write a review or paid to do so, I just wanted to.


  1. Wow!! Looks amazing! How nice are Fairy :-))

  2. Wow, love your post on this and all the pics are great. I couldn't let the girls too close to ours as it was damaged badly and one side was just balancing on for the photos.Shame as it was gorgeous!!



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