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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

I'm Invited........

I knew it was on it's way as I had seen Tweets about it but when I opened the door to the Postie this morning I still said to myself 'ooh I wonder what this could be'. I then got a little bit excited when I realised what it was before I could finish opening it............

Why so excited about a cookery book I hear you say. Yes, but this isn't just any cookery book, this is Vanessa Kimbell's Prepped! 
"Gorgeous food without the slog - a multi-tasking masterpiece for time-short foodies"

Back at the end January, when I first started this blog I tested a recipe for Vanessa, you can read about that here. The recipe was for Vanilla Blondies and I must say it is one of my favourite recipes to date. I'm not just saying that, these Blondies are to die for, and don't be fooled into thinking you could just have one as that won't happen. Whenever I've made them I have to give most of them away or I will end up eating the lot, they are just so moreish. I'm salivating now just at the thought of them!

But do you know what the best part about testing a recipe for Vanessa is?........being on the Prepparati and getting to meet the other recipe testers at the launch party to which I am invited! whoop whoop, I've never been to a book launch before and don't quite know what to expect......or what to wear! Vanessa has come up with the great idea of the Prepparati wearing pink to match the book. So that leaves me with two weeks to go shopping for a pink frock, ooh get me, going to a launch party in a pink frock!! For those of you that don't know me that might not seem like a big deal but if I told you that on a daily basis I only ever wear jeans, that I only ever wore leggings for the first time last year, hadn't wore a dress in years until last year, and only ever started wearing pink when I was pregnant with my daughter (I didn't know I was having a girl but was told I must be as I had never wore pink before that!) then you would understand.

Oh and that little package next to the invite.......that's a bar of Cinnamon Milk Chocolate from Rococo Chocolates that arrived with the book and invite - I will enjoy that later when the kids are in bed!

You can read about Vanessa's year long journey to write Prepped! and the philosophy behind it here.

If you want to pre-order your copy of Prepped! Just click here


  1. oooh how exciting!!! I'll be ordering that. xx

  2. jessies_online24 May 2011 at 21:31

    It's a great book, you really should. x

  3. Multiple Mummy24 May 2011 at 21:33

    How exciting is that? You must show us a pic of you in your pink dress! Can't wait to see some of the recipies. x

  4. Oh well done you, a Toyologist *and* a prepparatti! I know how much you love baking so this must mean a lot to you and is a wonderful opportunity.

  5. What a fantastic opportunity. You are so lucky! I would love to go to book launch, would even wear pink!! Do let us know what you decide to wear x x x

  6. jessies_online25 May 2011 at 22:50

    I have my pink dress now, a lovely Monsoon one that I've borrowed from a good friend! x



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