The Crazy Kitchen: A Good Reason NOT to throw away your Daughter's Girls World

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Monday, 2 May 2011

A Good Reason NOT to throw away your Daughter's Girls World

For those of you that saw my Silent Sunday post yesterday you will know that Jack is partial to wearing his 8 year old Sister's jewellery and hair accessories. I'm sure he doesn't have much choice really but all the same he does seem to enjoy it.

A few years ago my daughter had a Girls World which saw some action in it's short lifetime but very soon developed badly matted hair and permanent lipstick and eyeshadow, with the help of biros and felt tip pens. During one mass clearout of her bedroom it found its way into the bin.

In hindsight it was perhaps too soon to be getting rid of it as now she enjoys trying out different hairstyles on her dolls and ponies. Today though I think her and her friend were looking for a more life-like model for their make-up session :

Not quite mastered the 'pout' yet


  1. Ha! He looks fantastic. The next Boy George in the making. I came home once to find my eldest son prancing around in his mother's high heels. Very fetching he looked, too :)

  2. I used to do that to my little brothers, even dresses and heals as well :)

  3. That's great that when you lost that 21 lbs, you kept it off. Well done you. I am a divil for putting back on whatever I lose. Have fun on your break xx

  4. Oh good Lord, poor little love but he looks like he's loving it! Good for him!

  5. Bahhhhh Hahahahahahah. He looks so gorgeous. LOL Love it. xx

  6. tee hee hee i have just seen this while looking at a more recent post!! love him soooo funny x

  7. he's so pretty isn't he!! haha



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