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Friday, 13 May 2011

The Gallery - Chilled

I'm not great at joining in with The Gallery as I seem to miss the prompt, I saw it this week but I've still managed to be a late entry.

There are lots of great entries on the Linky this week, many featuring sleeping babies or children looking very chilled.  I came across these photos a while ago whilst looking for photos for Flashback Friday so when I saw the prompt for this week's Gallery I immediately knew which pictures I would use.

They were taken on Christmas Day a few years ago, its perhaps more like a scene from Cocoon (sorry Dad & Mother in Law, brother.......)


  1. That is hysterical and cruel!

  2. That mustve been one hell of a christmas dinner. HAHA what a funny post. Love it. You terrible lady for doing it to them. lol xx



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