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Monday, 16 May 2011

Emotional rollercoaster of a ride

The last few days have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. It started last wednesday when Toys R Us announced the shortlist for their 2011 Toyologists. I had heard via Twitter that The Boy And Me had been shortlisted so I thought I would pop over to the Toys R Us Facebook page and see if I recognised any of the other names on the list.......I was gobsmacked to say the least when I spotted my own name on there. I have only been blogging since the end of January and despite being ranked at position 267 (whatever that means?!) in the Tots 100 I still found it hard to believe that Toys R Us actually liked my review enough to put me on the shortlist. I felt very proud and honoured and I let myself get a little bit too excited if I'm honest, and started to imagine all those lovely toys arriving at my door and thinking how my kids would love me so much more for it.....well for at least the next six months anyway.

Then came Thursday, and the tiredness that followed staying up too late completing the lengthy questionnaire for the next stage of the Toyologist contest. I typed up my Flashback Friday post and got a bit emotional about it, in fact I blubbed quite a bit so decided that I shouldn't read it again or I would never get through the rest of the day, and scheduled it to post on Friday morning. Blogger had been experiencing some problems earlier in the day but it seemed to be back to normal so it never even crossed my mind that I should save the post elsewhere. Friday morning came and I was shocked to see that not only had my Flashback Friday not posted but two other previous posts had disappeared!

At first I was a little bit annoyed but as the problems persisted I became concerned that my Flashback Friday post wouldn't be re-instated and as I hadn't saved it elsewhere I was upset as it was a special post, dedicated to my late friend. I was overjoyed though, after hours of constant checking, my post re-appeared..........and then I read it, and blubbed all over again.

The weekend came with the usual cleaning and washing to be caught up on and the joy that was Eurovision. Sunday started out early as 10 year old Sam had his final football match of the season and we all piled into the car with a cool bag full of sandwiches and snacks which never even made it until lunchtime so as we were headed off to Manchester straight after the football we had to make a detour via Asda to stock up on more food and drinks for the journey.

On the way up the motorway the heavens opened and the prospect of walking around Salford Quays, watching some amazing swimmers swimming for amazing causes, did not seem as appealing as it did when the sun was shining. Thankfully all three kids survived the journey without the need for the trusty sick bucket that has taken up permanent residence in the car, and we parked up and caught the tram into Salford. Jack was none too impressed about being stuck under the raincover, in fact he hates it, so was very pleased when he was allowed out and given the prestigious position of sitting on Daddy's shoulders whilst we followed our friend around the swim route.

We had a great afternoon despite the rain (and the fact that I picked up a jacket about 2 sizes too small for Hanna out of the cupboard!), and felt very proud of our friend when he completed the swim in record time, giving him a personal best. I also heard via text that some other friends had completed the Manchester 10k run earlier in the day in good time. All in all I felt quite emotional that these friends had put themselves through hell (at times) to raise money for causes close to their heart.

With all that in mind, I want to get myself fit so that next year, or sometime in the not too distant future, I will be physically fit enough to complete my own challenge, whether it be swimming, running or cycling, in memory of my good friend referred to here in my Flashback Friday.

Watch this space.............

Oh and did I mention that I'm now a Toyologist? Today was D-Day and at just after midday Toys R Us announced their 10 new Toylogist families and I was thrilled to see my name again on their Facebook wall. I'm still in a state of shock really, I cannot believe that they chose us to test their toys, what a privilege. I must admit that, although I had been sitting at the laptop refreshing and re-refreshing my email and the Toys R Us page since around 11.50am, I missed the actual moment that the notice was posted. You see my angelic two year old went quiet , and we all know what that means. I couldn't risk ignoring the silence any longer so I legged it upstairs and found Jack sitting at my dressing table having fun with my Compede Overnight Cracked Heel Repair Cream! 


  1. Cor, you have had a busy and emotionally challenging few days. But you're a toyologist, wahoo! I've slept awfully myself, hence replying to your post at 6am

  2. Wow what a busy few days and congrats again on being a Toyologist - fab news for you, Wendy and TheBoyAndMe.



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