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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ease The Guilt....

Today I'm off to Majorca for a few days.

I'm not taking the family though, I'm going on a girly weekend in Magaluf, God help me please! There's around 20 of us in total, friends from the town where I grew up.

My husband is taking a couple of days off work, I have school dinners booked for the older two and I have already made Jack's packed lunch for tomorrow. Dinner is in the slow cooker and the washing is up to date.

Last night my 10 year old gave me 1 Euro that he found in his bedroom as spending money. This morning he gave me a big cuddle, told me to have a good time and not to get drunk. I told him that I couldn't promise to do both of those.

I'm sure they will manage fine, they only have one Rugby tournament, 2 football matches and Tap Dancing lessons and have already been invited to a barbecue on Saturday afternoon.

I still feel a little guilty about leaving them so this is what I have left them to ease my guilt a little :


  1. Thats so lovely! Very impressed with your baking skills as always :-)

    Don't get too drunk!

  2. That is a wonderful gift to leave, make sure you have a super time, it does the family good to know just what they are missing every now and again!

  3. Update from my husband: on seeing the cake Sam said "wow". Hanna said "ooh lovely" and my little angel Jack said "not like it cake"

  4. Ah you are so sweet! Just what Mum's are for! Enjoy your time away (have tweeted you anyway). Messy times, he he :-) x

  5. Have a great time, and what the hell - get drunk but don't get a hangover ;)



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