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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Wot? No Bunting..

Today I've been feeling a little fragile after the Royal Wedding celebrations yesterday. I wouldn't say that I have a hangover exactly, my old body is just feeling a little tired after all that partying.

I watched some of the wedding coverage in my pj's whilst making a last minute Fascinator, Blue Peter style out of a yoghurt pot, some glue, felt & feathers. After my shower we headed down to our local where members of CHEF (the Charity that raises money throughout the year to put on an all expenses paid Christmas Party for the elderly folk in the village) were holding a Family Fun Day.

I was a bit disappointed not to see any Bunting when we got there, I had the strings of bunting from Silver Jubilee in 1977 in my mind, but it wasn't to be. They did, however, have an inflatable assault course, face painting, a Paintball Shooting range, Beat the Goalie, BBQ and an Ice-Cream van. The pub has a small caravan site attached along with a Pitch n Putt and a playground with slide and swings so there was something for all the family and plenty of space to run about. Sam played football with his friends and used up plenty of energy on the inflatable assault course, whilst Hanna ran around with her friends up and down the slide. Jack overcame his fear of going down the slide on his own and was soon chasing Hanna up and down. At the same time the Mums and Dads enjoyed catching up on some chat over a drink or two.

During the afternoon I nipped home & picked up a few boxes of ice creams for the kids and my Royal Wedding Cupcakes to share around as a wedding wouldn't be a wedding without cake. We also cracked open a bottle of pink fizz to toast the happy couple (not that we need an excuse to open a bottle of fizz!)

When the Fun Day finished our party continued into our neighbours house......and when it was time to leave there it continued back at the 'Party Kitchen' in our house - named as there is often a bit of a party going on in there as for the past year, since we extended, it is no longer too small to swing a cat in.

We are lucky enough to have some very good friends in the village where we've lived for the past 7.5 years and the children have lovely friends, always in and out of each others houses, just as I remember when we were growing up, and just how it should be.



Screwballs are best eaten with a medicine spoon!

My Prince

Card School at the Neighbours'

Dancing into the night in the Party Kitchen
One lonely Groom


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day! x

  2. What a fabulous time you had! I *love* your fascinator, very creative. Can I come to a party in the party kitchen please? Looks like so much fun!



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