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Monday, 11 April 2011

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye..

This weekend we decided it was time for a new Playhouse. The wooden one we have in the garden has seen better days. It's been moved around a few times, has a broken window, the wood has split and it's rotting. The difficulty I now have is that although we need a new playhouse, this one has history! Santa delivered it 6 or 7 years ago and it has seen a lot of action. How can I possibly get rid of this :





So what do I do? Shall I keep the photos of the graffiti and make a little album to embarrass the kids with in years to come, or shall I just 'hide' the side panels when hubby dismantles it later to take to the tip? (and who taught my kids to write on walls? suppose it's better than doing it on my wallpaper).

I  would have loved to buy another wooden house but the one I have my eye on is a bit pricey and I don't think Jack is quite old enough for it yet :

So we settled upon a plastic one made by Keter from B&Q as , according to the measurements it would fit perfectly in the space we have on an area of decking just outside the back doors so I can easily keep an eye on Jack.

It was priced at £149.98 but this weekend B&Q had 20% off everything and doing the 'Click & Collect' via the Quidco website would earn me an additional 3.5% cashback.

I sent hubby along with the reservation number to go and collect it and he returned a little while later with a boot full of plastic. The good thing was that it wasn't too heavy so was easy to get into the back garden, where we checked all the pieces off & started the assembly.

After around an hour of 'pass me that bit', 'get me that bit', 'where does that bit go' and 'how does that go together' (him) and the usual 'I don't know,the instructions aren't very clear, you read it then!' (me) it was done......and Jack now has a lovely little house to play in. It even comes with a little picnic bench where he can chill out with his mates over a juice.


  1. So hard to part with these things isnt it hon? I love the new house thought. Might have to get Mr C one of those for the summer myself. x

  2. Brilliant new house, and Jack looks like he's really enjoying it. We were lucky to be given a hand-me-down Little Tikes house for The Boy which is marvellous.

    I'd make a little album of the writing on the wall interspersed with photos of them playing in the old house.

  3. @TheBoyandMe
    Great Idea! Somewhere I have pics of the Xmas Day they received it.

  4. Nice playhouse and I'm so glad you took photos of the art work in the old one, they're as good as treasures they are!
    I'm holing out for a wooden one too but like you say pricey.
    Nice to have found you!

  5. ours is a few years old now but still standing strong and standing up to much play from new children each week!

  6. jessies_online21 May 2011 at 23:33

    that's good to know,thanks, hopefully we'll keep it for a good few years yet.



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