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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Personalised Thank You Notes for Busy Mums

Jack has just celebrated his 2nd birthday and had two lovely parties and received some great presents. When my eldest 2 children were younger I used to do a lot more crafts with them and make party invites and Thank you cards. These days it's different, I just don't seem to find the time to make them  and end up buying all the cards.

This morning I received my personalised Thank You notes that I had ordered off Ebay and although they were lovely I thought they were lacking something a little 'more' personal. I could've handwritten 'thank you for my.......' etc on the back but I thought that defeated the whole point of getting them printed. 

I thought a good way of making them personally from Jack would be to put his handprint on the back, kind of like his signature, and no words needed. We found orange acrylic paint and a chunky paintbrush in our craft drawers... perfect - great for a busy Mum. Job done in under 5 minutes... (or so I thought).

 It took a while for Jack to let me paint his hand as he made attempts at grabbing the brush, scrunching his hand into a fist & much shouting of 'do it, do it' ..

Eventually, after a bit of a paddy, followed by a snotty nose (and an orange hand wiped across his face) we got there

Excuse the snot & tears!


  1. Fab idea! I did handprint 'thank-you' cards after Christmas, like you I thought they were a little more personal. I *need* his apron, where did you get it from?



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