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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Operation Easter Bunny

Easter preparations are well under way in this house and I am ready for the 'big day', unlike last year. For the last 2 years (and also this year) we have been away over the Easter weekend to Devon, where we have stayed in a caravan on a small site. My Brother and Sister in Law live not too far away and come over on the Saturday night to join us for a drink in the 'Club' and stay over.

After a couple of wines (!!) we all squeezed ourselves into the caravan & trundled off to bed......not until early the next morning when we heard 'I wonder if the Easter Bunny's been' did we realise the error of our ways. My brother & Sister in Law were asleep in the kids room and the Easter Eggs were still in the boot of the was time for 'Operation Easter Bunny'.

I suggested to the kids that maybe the Bunny had left the eggs in our off they went, excitedly, in search of chocolate.

We then had to move fast, there wasn't going to be much time before we were found and and the game would be up......I poked my head around the door of the bedroom where my Brother & SIL were sleeping & quickly briefed them, they opened the window, and waited. meanwhile my husband was outside in his pj's suspiciously removing a large black bag from the boot of his car, wandering around the outside of the caravan and shoving it through the open bedroom window.

By this time, our bedroom, and the bathroom, living area & cupboards had been ransacked in search of chocolate Eggs, to no avail (obviously!). I then suggested quietly knocking on Auntie & Uncles bedroom door to see if they were awake, as maybe the Easter Bunny wasn't aware that they didn't sleep in their own room that night and had left the Eggs in there by mistake. After a quick rummage under the beds and a root through the wardrobe the Eggs were located and we had 2 happy children, phew, mission accomplished - Operation Easter Bunny was a success.

I have absolutely no intention of going through that again this year, all that thinking is not easy when you have a bit of a thick head (ok, yes I had a hangover!). So this year, I have made up some Easter Baskets filled with chocolate goodies for the children, along with a basket full of filled plastic eggs for an early morning Egg Hunt in the field next to the caravan. I WILL be organised and intend to hide the baskets in our wardrobe and put them in position once the kids are asleep on Saturday night. I MUST NOT leave them in the boot of the car this year as they are likely to be a melted mess in this weather.

So here are my Easter baskets costing a grand total of £8.42 (Sam & Hanna's) and £6.67 (Jacks), and contain the following :

Plastic Basket £1
Milka Bunny £1
Smarties unboxed Egg 3 for £4
Boxed Egg with Mug £1.99
Boxed Egg £2.75 (£1 Jacks)
Haribo Eggs 3 for £1

And a basket of filled (most) plastic eggs ready for the hunt

We now just need to make sure we put the plan into action.

Happy Easter

1 comment:

  1. That made me laugh, could picture your husband sneaking about carrying a black bag, if anyone saw they might of thought someone is robbing your car haha.

    Hope it goes to plan this year hun. I'm sure the kids will have fun no matter what.

    My little one is only 16 months so abit young to understand, but going to do a little egg hunt x



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