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Friday, 8 April 2011

Little Tikes Climb & Slide Fun in The Sun

It's a lovely sunny day and Jack is enjoying playing in the garden with all of his outdoor toys, mainly his Sand & Water Table from ELC and Little Tikes Climb & Slide House. We bought him the slide for his first birthday as his older brother (now 10) had one when he was the same age and absolutely loved it. The only difference between the 2 in all those years (apart from the colour) was that the previous one came with a plastic 'letter'  to go in the Mail Box on the side. I wonder why Little Tikes stopped including the letter? Or maybe they didn't and it was just missing from our box, I will have to ask.

It's perfect for little ones as there are only 2 steps up to the slide and there is plenty of space on the top to sit before sliding down.

There is a hiding place underneath the slide which is great for the little ones to play peek a boo. Initially we had the slide indoors as it doesn't take up too much space, but now it's taken up permanent residence in our little play area outside.

The Climb & Slide House is currently on offer in ELC for £67.99 and in Toys R Us (in a different colour) for the amazing price of £49.99


The slide also doubles up as a Car Ramp!


  1. He looks like he's having great fun! I haven't seen that slide before, it's great for this age. We've got the Little Tikes cube which is second-hand from my sister in law. She also gave us the house, which is brilliant. I need to get some outdoor small toys for him, and a waterproof box!

  2. @TheBoyandMe
    As you can probably see we put the sand in the table today.....and there's not a lot left!
    We need to get a new house as the one we have is a bit rotten,wish we had someone to hand us down a nice Little Tikes one...



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