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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Listography - The Laminated List

I have never before joined in with one of Kate Takes 5 Listographies, I often see them on Twitter and I have the occasional browse but to be honest I don't tend to have favourites for anything so I would struggle to tell anyone what my 5 favourite movies, books and foods were. I struggle to choose from menus or to even choose a drink at the bar.....sometimes everything is my favourite and other times nothing.

WARNING NOTICE : If you are reading this and you are MY HUSBAND then please move along, you don't need to read any more or to understand what a Laminated List is.

BUT when I saw this weeks theme I was a little more interested! You see, apparently, in an episode of Friends, Ross has a list of women that he would like to have a one night stand with , if he ever got the chance and this is his 'Laminated List'. I have never actually seen this episode of Friends *gasp*, again down to me not having a favourite TV program (apart from Neighbours) and not helped by my OH not being able to stand those 'filmed in front of a live TV audience' type shows.

So here goes (in no particular order) with my 'Laminated List' (to be honest I did struggle at first to remember who I liked (apart from Hugh Grant) and they do all look a bit similar and would you believe it there's no Johnny Depp *another gasp* :

1. Hugh Grant - from his 'About a Boy' days and definitely NOT his '4 weddings & a Funeral' floppy haired days.

2. Colin Firth - hmmm another 'posh boy'. I never used to go for Colin Firth and in the 'Bridget Jones' movies I would always favour the bad boy Hugh Grant but in 'Love Actually' I got a bit of a soft spot for him.

3. Pierce Brosnan - I'm not a big James Bond fan but I fell for Mr Brosnan slightly in 'The Thomas Crown Affair' - maybe the blue eyes?

4. James Martin - He makes great puddings, what more is there to say!

5. Brad Pitt - ok I was struggling a bit when it came to number 5, he would not be someone that I would think of straight away but having seen him on other Laminated Lists I do believe he has improved with age!

Why not pop over to Kate Takes 5 and add your Listography to the Linky.



  1. Oh yes! All apart from Brad (cheating, adulterous b*st*rd). Especially James, he can cook a delicious pudding beforehand ;-)

  2. Well you 2 can fight over the other 4 and I'll have Brad. Thanks!

  3. ha ha, knew my 'old man' taste wouldn't appeal to most!

  4. @TheBoyandMe
    Ok I'll make a deal - you can have the pudding, I'll have him!

  5. I do know what you mean about arrogant/bad boys, but that's half the appeal! I will confess to thinking Hugh Grant can have his moments! such a blundering fool but love him in Notting Hill x

    Ps. I love your warning bit!!

  6. I'll have 4 of them but you can keep James Martin x

  7. Yet another great list, Brad is very popular, used to like him pre Angelina, but gone off him since.

  8. Oh I am with SAHMlovingit! Keep James but the rest are a great list! x Loving Colin (especially in P and P!) x

  9. You like posh boys don't ya and YAY another Colin Fan starting to think there was only me!

  10. Just Brad for me oh and maybe a bit of Hugh, ooh and maybe some Colin Firth!!!!



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