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Monday, 11 April 2011

Inbox Delights

I have been asked by the lovely 'The Boy and Me' to join in with 'Inbox Delights', the blogs that I have subscribed to by email and enjoy reading every time they pop into my Inbox.

When I first started blogging I got a bit carried away with following and reading blogs. I read so many great posts in such a short space of time that I couldn't even tell you afterwards which blog the posts were from. I've calmed down a bit now but to be honest I find it hard to keep up with and read all that I follow, so for a few of my favourites I have now subscribed to their posts by email. When these arrive in my Inbox now I always read them, maybe not straight away but I do get there, eventually.

Some of the blogs that I enjoy reading are :

This goes without saying as this is probably the blog that I read most. The Boy is similar in age to my own little boy and I love to read about what they've been up to and what games they play as it inspires me to try something similar. I like looking at the great photos that are posted daily in the 365 (photo a day) challenge, what a great way to document a year in your little ones life.

Jane makes me laugh with her hilarious posts about life with her 3 children, her struggle with the guilt of returning to work following her Maternity leave and her training for the London Marathon - how she fits it all into a day I don't know.

Kerry is an amazing Mum of 3 little ones under 3, she always seems so calm, even in her daily posts about potty training her 2.5 year old. I always enjoy reading her posts and she always takes the time to write lovely comments on mine.

Lexy is an amazing writer and she has written some extremely funny posts, in particular her posts on The Moaning Bitch Club. More recently she has written some very moving posts on her own Post Natal Depression and I admire her for sharing this with us. If you don't already read this blog then you really should.

Now all you lovely Mummies have to do is to let us know which posts you look forward to receiving and enjoy reading in your own Inbox. It doesn't have to be 4, it can be just 1.  As this is The Boy And Me's baby then obviously she doesn't have to do it again, and neither does Lexy as she has already been mentioned.

So come along and join in some blog love and hop over to The Boy And Me's blog and grab the code for her fab new 'Inbox Delights' button.

Inbox Delights


  1. What a great idea! I'm going to join in too and I've found new blogs on your list too :)

  2. Thank you so much for suggesting me. It is so kind of you! I am not that calm all the time, although I try to keep it together! Love writing comments on your blog because I really enjoy it! x



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