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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Igniting Passions.....of Interest!

I've been tagged by the lovely The Boy And Me in the new meme created by Kerry at Multiple Mummy :
 Igniting Passions.....of Interest!
It came about after Kerry nervously went out to dinner with people that she didn't know and as these people were retired school teachers (an ex Head & OFSTED inspector & a lecturer of Sociology) she felt as though she wouldn't have much to offer in the way of conversation due to her recently acquired role of 'stay at home Mum'. She needn't have worried though as she soon felt at ease and the conversation started flowing.

It got her thinking,however, about her interests.....what ignites her passion........and then came the meme.

So, what are my interests? Well, this was a difficult one, one that I've had to think long and hard about because...well...basically I don't think I really have any interests. I like to watch TV but don't have any favourite shows (except Home & Away & Neighbours but does that really count as an Interest???), I like to read (usually only when I'm on holiday) but ask me what books I've read & I couldn't tell you, I like to listen to music (sometimes) but I don't really have a favourite band.......etc etc, blah blah....

Well here goes :

I have a whole load of cookery books, many of which are for cakes & baking. More recently (since discovering Cupcake Wars on TV) I have found a new love of Cupcakes, both eating (unfortunately for the waistline) and making. I wouldn't class myself as being particularly skilful or arty but I do try and here are a few of my creations

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Whilst living in the US and working part-time in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores I found a passion for crafts, which is hardly surprising really considering the amount of sales they had & me being a bit of a bargain hunter I couldn't not buy almost everything on offer. Needless to say I didn't have a lot left in my wage packet by payday, but I had an enormous set of overflowing craft drawers!  I made Christmas decorations and cards, birthday cards and gifts and even tried a bit of glass painting. None of my creations were great but I enjoyed it. Being surrounded by fabulous fabrics during this employment also led me to my next interest :

In my pre 'Work at Home Mum' days I also used to like doing a spot of sewing, I find it hard to believe now how I actually found the time having 2 little ones at home but somehow I did, and I really enjoyed it. I made Hanna a pair of dungarees when she was first born, I made Sam a quilt with squares cut from his old clothes and Roman blinds and curtains when we first moved into this house - in fact 2 of the blinds are still in use. I don't have the time or inclination to do any sewing at the moment but maybe in the future I will find that passion again.

My Business
I suppose you can call this one of my Interests, and had it not been for my interest in crafts I may not have even started this business in the first place. After returning the the UK to live I was disappointed in the lack of nice Party Bags on offer, all that I could find were themed plastic bags, not at all as exciting as the cellophane and paper bags that I had seen in the US. This led to me starting up my own Ebay Business in 2005 initially selling cellophane bags and Pre-filled party bags. I still stock the Cellophane bags and am always on the lookout for new designs to sell, however my Business has changed quite a lot in the 6 years since starting out, and these days most of my Business comes under Munchkins and Poppets with Splash About. Konfidence and Zoggs swimwear being amongst my most popular lines.

Well there you have it, I suppose I do have a few interests after all.

Thank you to The Boy And Me for tagging me and to Multiple Mummy for creating this Linky in the first place.

If you want to join in with this Linky then please head over to Multiple Mummy and add your post, she will be more than happy to have you.

I would like to invite the following to join in :



  1. You angel!

    You have brilliant interest and one that I am very envious of is the sewing. I have kept clothes of the babies to one day make into a quilt, it is a dream of mine, but I would not know where to start. Something to learn in my retirement maybe! xx

  2. wow! You sound so creative and talented. I am very jealous of all your interests x Good luck with your business x

  3. Well done missus, a brilliant list. You are the British Martha Stewart, can I come and live in your family please?

    Those cupcakes are absolutely amazing; please, please can you e-mail me the recipes for a couple of them? Bailey's Coffee Cupcakes and Caramel Cupcakes. Also on Sam's birthday cakes tiers, there was an ice-cream cone, what was in it? Got to say they all look amazing and I am jealous of your piping skills, especially on the chocolate cupcakes.

  4. Those cakes look AMAZING! I was salivating over that slideshow. This is something I would really like to get into and when I find enough time I will certainly give it a whirl.

    You have some great talents, I better get my thinking cap on for mine...hmmm???


  5. I agree...the cupcakes look amazing...baileys one's wow!!!! Your business sounds as though its going really well too :-)

  6. I'm also envious of the sewing. I am hopeless at anything like that! I do share your cupcake passions though. I am just doing my post now :-)



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