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Friday, 8 April 2011

Flashback Friday - I was cute once

I have been a bit slack this week as it's now Friday morning & I am only just doing my Flashback Friday - I usually have it done much earlier in the week.

So for this weeks Flashback Friday  I have no funny tale to tell, I just thought it was a cute photo, and another one from my 'Big Red Book' that my Mum made me for my 40th birthday, full of great memories.

It was taken in the Summer of 1972, when I turned 2, in Spain where we were living at the time.

Look at the chub on me - haven't changed a bit!

Why don't you join Cafe Bebe & the rest of us reminiscing & having a laugh over old snaps.


  1. how adorable were you, they really should make dresses like that for little girls again!

  2. @Vickie Ford
    I still am! ha ha - It was more like a top than a dress,you can see my huge nappy poking out!

  3. Chub! All toddlers are chubby!looks like you still might be modelling the bowel hair cut oo!! Ha ha! You look very cute :)

  4. @Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin
    The 'Bowel' haircut? I'm hoping you mean bowl, ha ha! I've got a corker of a bowl haircut for you for another week that I found!!

  5. Just think, that stick was whatever you wanted it to be.... now you just see it as a stick :(

  6. What a great present your mum made for you and what a sweet photo of you. I adore the chub on little ones

  7. What a lovely photo! Love your little red shoes, so cute x

  8. @The syders
    Do you know I've always wanted a pair of red shoes & never been brave enough to buy some but maybe that longing came from all those years ago when I had this fab pair!

  9. Aw you were really cute- love the shoes!

  10. What a gorgeous baby you were! We're the same age you know! ;) Thanks so much for sharing lovely and putting a Flashback Friday together! ;)


  11. That is adorable...we're roughly the same age! x

  12. That's a gorgeous photo! You look so thoughtful. I had dresses and shoes like that too :) x

  13. I have a picture of me about that age with exactly the same shoes!



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