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Friday, 1 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Bin there, done that....

For this weeks Flashback Friday  I'm going back to 1996, when I was at College in Newport. I was at the time living in Halls of Residence on the Caerleon Campus and on the weekend in question had 3 of my friends from back home to stay. Somehow we all squeezed into my tiny room with just one single bed, and we did this for 2 nights.

On one of the nights we went into Caerleon for a bit of a pub crawl and after a few drinks I somehow ended up here :

(I'm the one in the bin,looking like a boy) 

It makes me smile whenever I look at it, just the looks on everyone's faces - me looking very guilty at being found in a bin, the Landlord looking like he's seen it many times before, and my friend in the foreground laughing her socks off.

Why don't you join Cafe Bebe & the rest of us reminiscing & having a laugh over old snaps.


  1. Ah college memories! How lovely! I wish I had my University photos but I think they're in a box somewhere in the US! Fond, fond memories! Hee hee...thanks so much for sharing with Flashback Friday!


  2. Hahaha, thats definitely a hilarious photo - such great memories and you can't beat a photo like that which captures the moment perfectly.

  3. Excellent!!! Love the way your friend is laughing her head off and not helping in the slightest :)

  4. Haha...the things we have all got up to in our pasts!!! Great to have a photo of that moment!

  5. That is a very funny photo, a classic! You looked mildly surprised and are you clutching your wallet??

  6. @Mummy and the Beastie
    it's either my camera or my purse - I'm surprised I never left it in the bin!

  7. oh dear! hope no-one puts incriminating photos of me up on the Internet ;-)

  8. Oh my God: *I* went to Caerleon in '98! (Although I didn't live in Halls). Which pub is this?

    Did you ever go to The Old Monk? Zanzibars?

    Ah, those were the days...

  9. You still liked a boys hair then even after school? Lol
    I used to love random nights out like that few too many, me doing something foolish and it being caught on camera! Great fun x

  10. @Mummy Mishaps aka Jenny Paulin
    ha ha yes! and my Mum never made me do it then!!
    All nights out tend to be random!!



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