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Monday, 25 April 2011

Family Fun - Cricket Set

Over the Easter weekend we went away to Devon and stayed in a caravan on a lovely site overlooking the bay at Berry Head, near Brixham. There's a good amount of grassy areas, one of them being directly outside our caravan and my eldest, Sam (10) decided to buy a Cricket Set from the site shop so we could all have a game.

The set was bought on Saturday morning for the bargain price of £4.99 and consisted of a wooden bat, 4 wooden stumps & bails and a red tennis ball.


Thankfully the ground was soft enough to push the stumps in by hand as we didn't have a mallet and Daddy doesn't like it when we hammer the stumps in with the bat! Myself and Sam took it in turns to bowl and bat and I showed him my excellent batting skills. Jack came along and wanted to join in with the action and had a few goes at throwing the ball to Sams bat, until he decided that a better game would be to throw the ball at Daddy whilst he was napping on the grass.

Later on my Brother and Sister in Law and friends of ours and their son came over for the evening so we all joined in with a great game of Tip n Run. Everyone took turns batting and bowling, some of us took it maybe a little too seriously, and play was halted for a while as one over enthusiastic batter *ahem me* hit the ball a little too hard, hitting a flag-pole & bouncing into a large bush, never to be seen again. Play was resumed when Daddy found an old 'seen better days' tennis ball buried in the grass.

All in all, everyone had great fun playing together, something that we probably don't do enough of, and it didn't cost the earth to be able to do so. 

We thought the Cricket Set was excellent value for £4.99 and had everything needed to play a game of Cricket, Tip n Run or even Rounders. In our case it would've been better if there had been an extra ball but I'm sure not everyone is as good careless as me.

Update : This was our entry for the Toys R Us Toyologist and we have made it onto the shortlist of 25 other great entries, final 10 Toyologists to be announced Monday 16th May at 12.00.

14th May : added to Showoff Showcase

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  1. Looks like you had such fun with it, Jack really enjoyed himself and Sam sounds so patient with him. Why is it that it's the simple toys and games that are the best, they don't need the fancy stuff.

  2. Simple summer family fun, magical memories to be treasured for always x

  3. I love this post still, because it shows how much fun a family can have with one of the simplest play-sets that you can buy.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  4. What a fantastic entry, no wonder you were shortlisted! Love the video and your last photo should be framed! Congratulations on becoming a toyologist again. xx

  5. love the last photo on your post, its a beauty!

  6. I do agree - I work with the coaches at my local cricket ball, and the hard ball is always a challenge for the youngsters. We use soft ball games to get them used to hitting and catching.



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