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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Egg-citing Easter Day Out

Today was our first day out of the Easter holidays, well ok it wasn't a 'day' out and it wasn't eggs-actly 'Egg-citing', but I did get to spend my share of Easter money from my Parents (and half of my Husbands - or the other way around, depending on how generous I'm feeling).

This morning we spent an hour at the Doctors, yes a whole hour, surrounded by sick people. As if I wasn't feeling ill enough already, I certainly felt worse coming out after spending an hour with a 'ged up', 'ged-down' 2 year old on my knee, who would intermittently start screaming and turn himself into a slippery eel and slide onto the floor. My other two were great though, Hanna sat and read The Jungle Book on my phone and Sam took care of my bag and checked the name up on the screen whenever it beeped (the point at which Jack also cheered).

At one point Jack spotted someone that vaguely resembled my Dad and started shouting (Jack doesn't do whispering) "POP POP, POP POP, POP POP". He does tend to repeat things over and over until he gets an acceptable response or finds something else to talk about. Then it was the turn of the Receptionist when he saw her carrying cups along the corridor "LADY COFFEE HOT, LADY COFFEE HOT" and "COME ON LADY, COME ON LADY". When seats became available near the Activity Table Hanna took Jack over for 2 minutes of peace and quiet, he smiled cheekily at all the elderly patients and they all chatted back to him. Sam's teacher came in at one point so Jack then did a bit of flirty smiling at her until it was her turn to be seen. And then he was back - "JUICE MUMMY,JUICE MUMMY,JUICE MUMMY" and when I explained that I had no juice with me (bad disorganised Mummy, fancy coming out and not bring Juice) was "MILK MUMMY, MILK MUMMY, MILK MUMMY" - well you get the picture.

So by this point the effects of my 9am Paracetemol Extra were starting to wear off, the head, ears and throat were beginning to throb again and then "BEEEEEEEEP"my name was displayed "Hurraaaay" went Jack.

Hopefully now I have spent my Easter money on some much needed Antibiotics I can start feeling better and take my kids out for some enjoyable trips.

I hope you have had better luck with your Easter holidays so far.....

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  1. I could have written this post it sounds so familiar! I hope your feeling better now and have had a few other good days of the easter hols. It is intense when they are not at school! x

  2. Oh no! Sounds like a right nightmare! Some days you just wish you could wake up and start again don't you? I bet you wishing that on that day!
    LOL at the illustration :)

  3. @somethingblue_229 May 2011 at 11:34

    There's nothing worse than trying to keep your children quiet whilst in a doctor's surgery! Hope you felt better quickly & enjoyed the rest of the easter holidays.

  4. Michelle Twin Mum30 May 2011 at 17:09

    Ohh I used to hate the doctors when my girls were younger. I got left waiting for 2 hours once with the twins when they were 8 months, it was a nightmare. I feel for you.

    Mich x



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