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Monday, 18 April 2011

Easter Craft Kits

A couple of weeks ago Nanny came to visit and along with a few Easter Eggs (some of which have now been eaten,shhhh don't tell her) she bought 3 Easter Craft Kits for the kids to make.

One of them consisted of 3 foam Easter Cards, another was a small Easter Basket and a photo frame in another. I didn't check the contents or instructions before getting the kits out & I was really expecting the foam pieces to be self adhesive as I couldn't see any glue in the pack. Unfortunately they weren't and there was no glue included but luckily we have a large bottle of PVA. I would prefer not to use it with Jack around as he really doesn't understand that you only need a small amount but I'd got the kits out now and we had no glue sticks.

Hanna quickly got to work on the photo frame whilst I helped Jack with one of the easier cards. Sam tried one of the more complex cards and to be honest I had trouble seeing the tiny instructions to see which part went where but he figured it out in the end. When we'd finished these Hanna went on to make the basket and I helped Jack again and Sam made another card. We found that one of the eyes was missing for the Lamb so unfortunately it's a one eyed lamb and looks a bit sorry for itself. I did need to rearrange the letters as Jack had trouble spelling 'Happy Easter', but apart from that they turned out well. Hanna got a little frustrated as some of the pieces kept sliding off but in the end she made a really good job.

These are great little kits to keep the kids busy but you just have to make sure you have some glue to hand.

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The finished articles......eye eye Mr Lamb


  1. They look great. We have some half finished bonnets.....

  2. They look fantastic! Love craft stuff!x



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