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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Chocolate Bunnies & Cartwheels

As I have already mentioned in my previous posts, we were away over the Easter weekend staying in a caravan in Devon. I didn't want to repeat the fiasco of  last year so I was more organised and had prepared some plastic Eggs for an Egg Hunt. (Sadly I lacked a bit of forward thinking as the Easter Baskets were still filled with Eggs & wrapped in cellophane for Easter Morning!)

Some of the eggs had a foil wrapped chocolate bunny inside but I had quite a few left that didn't have anything inside. Rather than have tears & tantrums when the kids (mainly my 8yr old daughter) opened some to find no chocolate I thought it would add to the fun to have some forfeits inside for the adults.

I left my daughter in charge of the forfeits and after a while she had come up with 7 which she placed inside some of the empty eggs.

We held the Egg Hunt on Saturday afternoon with friends and family in the field by the side of our caravan. I ran around the field scattering them about, not wanting to hide them too much as I would then have to remember where I'd hidden them. We then unleashed the kids to go in search of eggs. It didn't take long before they came back with armfuls of eggs, opened them & ate the bunnies.

Hunting for Eggs
Hunting for Eggs

Collecting the Eggs
It was then the adults turn to pick an egg to see if they were unlucky enough to find a forfeit. It worked out quite well with each adult picking one forfeit, except Uncle Martin who was unlucky enough to get 2.

The kids loved watching the adults make fools of themselves and everyone had a great laugh joining in.

Here you can see some of the attempts at the forfeits, of course I didn't include any photos of myself 'Hopping around the field twice' as it's my Blog and my prerogative!

Daddy doing his 'Do a handstand, a cartwheel and a forward roll'

Uncle Martin getting some assistance with his forfeit 'do a handstand for 3 seconds'

The forfeits (written by 8yr old Hanna) :

  • Hop round the field 2 times
  • Do 14 Cartwheels
  • Do a handstand, a cartwheel & a forward roll
  • Spin around until you are dizzy
  • Run around the field 10 times
  • Do a handstand for 3 seconds
  • Run inside, get a newspaper, bring it outside and stand on it

The Egg Boy

1 comment:

  1. That looks like you had a fantastic time, wish I could have seen that! When The Boy is older I'll have to remember not to put something in every egg.



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