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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Arrive in Style at The Royal Wedding

Less than 24 hours left until the Wedding of the Year.....

For those of you off to a street or garden party , Family Fun day (like we are) or just a get together with friends and family, why not let your little one travel in style to the big event.

I saw the new Little Tikes GB Cozy Coupe today on the Little Tikes Facebook page and it reminds me of the Mini Cooper

I would love to get one of these for Jack but I'm not sure my husband would be too happy as he already says that the garden has more toys than Toys R Us!

So if you want your little one to arrive in style and turn heads at your street party tomorrow give Little Tikes a call on 01908 268480 or visit their website to check availability. It is also being sold in some Toys R Us Stores. RRP £59.99. 

The age recommendation is for 1.5 yrs - 5yrs.

According to the Toys R Us website their stores are open from 9am - 6pm on the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday so there's still time to get one.

Sure to be the coolest set of wheels spotted at street parties up and down the country, the new GB Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes is finished in red, white and blue and even sports the striking Union Jack on its roof. Just like the well-known Cozy Coupe from Little Tikes, the new GB Coupe features a removable platform and parent grab handle for toddler’s safety.  There’s also a high back seat, storage in the rear, opening and closing door, 360ยบ spinning front wheels, ‘ignition switch’, an open-and-close gas cap and durable tyres for plenty of ‘motoring’ role play fun.  Friends will be lining up to have a go in the GB Coupe and this kid-powered car is certain to be the talk of the Royal Wedding celebrations. 


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