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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Learning Through Play - New Water Table

 For Jacks 2nd Birthday he received an Early Learning Centre sand & water table from Grandma. In the short time that he has had it so far he has loved playing with it and I took some great photos of him engrossed in play. I thought it would make a great post and to show others, that were contemplating whether or not to splash out the £45 price tag, that it is a great buy and, in my opinion, worth every penny (not that I paid any pennies, as Grandma did), so when I saw the Tots 100 Blog Hop based around the theme of 'Learning Through Play' I decided to get a move on with my post as the closing date is tomorrow!

It comes in a hefty sized box, that would make a great play tunnel afterwards, but as it has a handle on top it's easy to carry, even with a toddler in tow. (I know this as I had to carry it back to my car when I exchanged the accidentally purchased pink table for the red one - I was happy with the pink but Daddy wasn't!).

We tipped all of the parts out and I was pleased to see that no screwdrivers were needed to put it together, there were 4 few plastic inserts to screw into place and the the legs & supports to pop into place and that was it, ready for play. The table comes with a few accessories, such as a boat, mould, funnels, spinning wheels, scoop, rake & spade - all in lovely bright colours.

It was a nice day so I set the table up outside and poured a bowl of warm (I'm a good Mummy) soapy water into one side of the table. Jack spent ages pouring the water from container to container, concentrating hard, trying not to spill any, and then splashing about it in it so much that once he'd had enough of playing, there was more water in his socks that there was left in the table (I have made a mental note to make sure he wears his welly boots next time).



Look at that concentration!

We didn't just use the toys included to have fun, other items we used were :

Washing up brush
Lids off Laundry detergent bottles
Plastic Creepy Crawlies and Dinosaurs

In fact, if you have any of the above you don't need to invest in a water table at all, a bowl of soapy water works just as well. Give your little ones plastic plates & cutlery to 'wash', they love copying Mummy.


The table also has a lid to keep the sand & toys covered when not in use, and is great to use as a play table for cars.


  1. I am definitely buying this one now, thanks Helen. I haven't done any washing up yet with The Boy, problem is he won't stand on a chair at the sink because we tell him not to stand on chairs normally.

  2. We brought the blue version of this for mikeys first birthday and they all still play with it now! great table :)



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