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Friday, 25 March 2011

Flashback Friday

For this weeks Flashback Friday  I'm not flashing back very far. As yesterday was Jacks 2nd Birthday it seemed only right that I went back to that day 2 years ago when I finally got around to meeting him, 12 days after his due date.

I was booked in for induction on 26th March but as my daughter had a hospital appointment that day that had been changed and put back a number of times I was adamant that she would not miss it so I asked if I could be taken in sooner. They booked me in for the 24th but mentioned that it could be a long process so it would be best if we could still get someone else to take my daughter to her appointment.

At around 4am on the morning of the 24th I had an odd feeling that I can only describe as having a lift drop inside me. Shortly afterwards I started getting some cramping and couldn't get back to sleep so decided to go for my shower. We arrived at the hospital around 6 and I muttered something to the midwife about the cramping and she said she'd hook me up to a monitor to see what was going on. The cramping came & went over the space of the next hour & then another midwife came along to give me an examination, and to the utter shock of all 3 of us informed me that I was 7cms dilated & ready to be moved the delivery suite.

If you are reading this as an expectant first time Mum and want to ask 'how do you know when you're in labour' don't believe anyone that says 'oh you just KNOW'.......this was my 3rd baby and I didn't know!!

After a bit of grunting & pushing (and with the assistance of my first ever sampling of gas & air) Jack popped into the world at 9.05am weighing 9lbs 2oz, and I never even got to read my stack of magazines that I had packed for the long wait that I was expecting! (His big sister made it to her appointment as we were back at the hospital with Jack by then as he was admitted with Jaundice.)

At just after 1pm he met his brother and sister for the first time when he paid his first visit to their school - and I wept into the arms of my daughter's teacher - oh the shame!!

So here is Jack just an hour or so old (dressed by his Daddy - note the arm not quite in the sleeve!).

And here he is yesterday, ready for his first day at Pre-school

Why don't you join Cafe Bebe & the rest of us reminiscing & having a laugh over old snaps.


  1. A www both pics are just sooo gorgeous! He looks a proper little cheeky monkey now! Great for flashback Friday xx

  2. What a difference 2 years makes x

  3. ooo such a cheeky face, how cute, and again its scary how fast the grow up!

  4. OMG! What a story! And what an amazing BIRTHING woman you are! ;) Goodness me...and a very Happy Birthday to Jack! Thanks so much for sharing this with us lovely! ;)

    :) Karin

  5. What a lovely story!
    I love the "arm not quite in the sleeve" first photo and the second one is just adorable!!

  6. Great story! What a difference 2 years makes :)

  7. Aww look how proud he is. Hope he had a great first day at pre-school x

  8. great to see how they grow and change

  9. Awwww, two beautiful photos both that make my heart melt. Delicious kids you have there

  10. Beautiful story hon and beautiful boy. xxx

  11. What a really lovely birth story...go you! Hope he had a lovely birthday x



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