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Friday, 18 March 2011

Flashback Friday - Cruising 1987 style

It's a bit of a random one this week for Cafe Bebe's Flashback Friday  - I did a pot luck picking an old photo from a box of many & this is the one that I picked.

It was taken in January 1987 (hence the attractive boots & turquoise skirt!), I was 16 and on a DFDS mini cruise from Harwich to Ebsjerg in Denmark with my friend Ginny. Looking back I can't believe how brave we were getting the train down to London, going across London on the Tube and getting another train to Harwich at such a young age. We then spent a rough night 'cruising' through the ice, drinking too much (I know I was underage!) and dancing to the 80's beats in the disco, which is no mean feat when you're on a Cruise-ship (or rather an upmarket Ferry) on choppy seas! We then spent a few hours enjoying the sights of Ebsjerg which, from what I remember, consisted of watching some sea-lions swimming around a pool & getting frozen walking around the shops. We then spent another choppy night 'cruising' back to Harwich.

I worked in a Travel Agents at the time & got the mini-cruise for a bargain price of £5 so it was an offer not to be missed. We had such a laugh & as you can see from the photo we got up to some mischief! I'm sure if digital cameras were around in 1987 we wouldn't be looking at a photo like this, with half of my body missing, it would have been deleted but back then we got excited waiting a few days for our 'great holiday snaps' to be developed, only to be disappointed when most of them hadn't turned out as we'd hoped!

Why don't you join Cafe Bebe & the rest of us reminiscing & having a laugh over old snaps.


  1. Amazing, I know it is wired when we think back to what we did when we were younger and I wouldn't contemplate letting my kids do it!

  2. YOu naughty young thing you! Ha ha happy days I am sure by the sounds of it! Like you said it's amazing the things we do when we are young and foolish :)

  3. that is a great idea going for a pot luck pick - let fate decide x

  4. Hahaha...I Love it! How funny...I bet you had a right laugh! x

  5. Hehehe how fab! You rebel you ;)

  6. Wow, what an exciting thing to do at that age! I too remember the excitement of waiting for photos to be developed and then realising they are rubbish.



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