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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Digging For Dinosaurs

Jack is not easily entertained, he doesn't watch much TV - he may watch Handy Manny, Zingzillas or Mickey Mouse (or iCarly if big sister has control of the remote) whilst he's eating but apart from that he won't sit and watch anything. He prefers to be emptying cupboards, taking the pebbles off the fire, stuffing things in the Wii (and breaking it!), emptying the hand soap into the sink..........well you've got the idea !

As I work from home it's not easy to go out every day, many days I have deliveries due and I can guarantee that if I go out, even for just 5 minutes, that's when the parcel will arrive - how does that happen? Do they wait around the corner for me to go out? Anyway, today we're not expecting a delivery, we're waiting for the glazier as the bathroom window has somehow got broken - I've questioned the kids to see if anyone's been throwing stones and was informed by my 10 year old that it probably cracked due to the frost......ok maybe he's right, but personally I think someone has been using an air rifle in the fields at the makes for a more exciting read!

Anyway back to Jack - one thing he does enjoy doing is cooking, and he always likes to get my bowls and spoons out, so today I let him loose with my bowls and measuring spoons, some dried pasta and dinosaurs (and the odd frog and spider) and he has been loving it - he's been  'digging' for dinosaurs, spooning the pasta from one bowl to another and generally keeping himself amused for longer than he has ever done before (if you don't count the time he emptied his wardrobe out when we forgot to secure it with a hair bobble!). 



Jack has also added a few other 'finds' to dig for - we have Dora, Angelina Ballerina, Tinky Winky, La La and a few of big brothers Micro Star footballers.


You'll have to excuse his attire - I'd just tried his new wetsuit on and he was reluctant to take it off, and has been wearing it ever since.


  1. what a fab idea! think I'm going to do this for my girl tomorrow (the bowls/digging, not the wetsuit ;) ) although she may just look at me as if I've gone mad if I bury her la la in pasta (oo-er)...!

  2. OOh just added a 'reply' button to my comments so I can at last reply! Did you do the dinosaurs? I hope you never buried the 'la-la' !

  3. This sounds like a great rainy day activity for my son. He is a bit like your son when it come to TV and gets in at everything.

  4. jessies_online6 July 2011 at 12:09

    thankfully he goes to pre-school now so that keeps him busy for a few hours in the week, and he watches tv at last....but only Mr Tumble! the rest of the time he can be found spraying my hairspray all over the mirror or other similar fun activities!!



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