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Friday, 11 March 2011

Career Choices After Babies - Real Parenting Article

Recently the lovely Molly from Mother's Always Right asked a question on her Facebook Page :

Do any of you lovely mums work full time? Did you return to work full time after having a baby? Maybe you can help me with an article I'm writing for

So I responded to her  - in fact I waffled quite bit, about my history, and you can read all about it in the article she has written beautifully for Real Parenting , along with the stories of other Mums, such as Hannah from Metal Mummy.

Me & my brood

"The role of the mother is a far more complex one than it was fifty years ago. While it was the norm then for mums to stay at home with their children, it is now more common for women to go out to work and juggle employment with motherhood. New mum Molly discusses the dilemma facing many women as the end of their maternity leave with their baby looms...... " (read more)


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