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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Asda Price Guarantee

I've had my share of problems with my Asda online shopping, with unacceptable substitutions, leaking, damaged or close to date items...and then there was my 'online shopping fail' last week. On the whole though I do think Asda Online have been pretty good, always delivering within the time delivery slot , well maybe just a little bit late in the bad weather, but they still managed to get here in the ice & snow up the hill with my Turkey!

They have been running the Asda Price Guarantee for a while now which, to be honest, I have always though to be a bit of a gimmick as not once, in the times that I checked, was my shopping NOT cheaper than the 'other leading Supermarkets' so after a while I stopped checking.

In the last few months they then introduced the '10% cheaper' guarantee (run by an independent site mysupermarket)  where your shopping doesn't just have to be cheaper to get a refund, it needs to be 10% cheaper or they'll refund the difference. So if your [comparable] shopping is more expensive than the other 'leading Supermarkets' they will refund the difference. If it is cheaper, but not 10% cheaper you get the difference refunded, so that it is 10% cheaper - have you got that?? No, I didn't either, when I saw the figures I was still confused, and Asda explain it all here, but even then it's a bit of a complicated system, especially when you're suffering from Pregnancy/Baby/Toddler brain!

The most important thing is that you get money back if your shopping isn't 10% cheaper. Since January (4 big online shops) I have received £24.54 in vouchers from Asda. My first shop wasn't cheaper so I received the difference + the extra for not being 10% cheaper, and then the subsequent shops weren't 10% cheaper so I still received some money back. This week it was 10% cheaper, so no vouchers.

So if you're already shopping at Asda, online or in store you really should check the Guarantee out. It really is as easy as the advert says (blimey, I'm starting to sound like Heather herself!!)

Oh and if you get an Asda credit card & spend over £99 on your online grocery shop you get free delivery too!!


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