The Crazy Kitchen: Product of the Week... Dribble On's Bandana Bibs

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Monday, 7 February 2011

Product of the Week... Dribble On's Bandana Bibs

I have decided to review a product every Monday, these are not paid reviews, however they are products that I sell in my Ebay shop Jessies Online Store.

For this week I have chosen the DRIBBLE ONS Baby Bandana Bibs,

I used these bibs for my little one and they were a godsend during the dribbly teething phase that he went through. When the bib got wet I just changed it for a new one instead of having to change his top & also his vest that the dribble had soaked through to, which meant stripping him off almost completely!!

Not only are they practical but they are also very cute! They have a popper fastening on the back which can be fastened in 2 positions. They are sold on a backing card & are ideal as a New Baby gift, especially if you need to post your gift as they are lightweight.

Dribble Ons provide a stylish and clever solution for babies who constantly dribble.

Dribble Ons are made of a soft combination of stretch cotton and terry toweling which absorbs the moisture whist at the same time being comfortable and cute to wear.

They are currently available in 5 plain colours: Baby Pink, Fuchsia, Baby Blue, Navy and White, complimenting the Sock Ons range.

These are currently available from Jessies Online Store at just £4.99 each. 

If you live local to me in Staffordshire and are happy to collect I can offer you a discount on this price - please email me for details.

Click here to see all Dribble On's in stock and available for purchase Now!


  1. I've had one of these since September which I bought in Hampstead. I can honestly say it's the only bib which does not ruin his outfit. I'm always gutted when it's in the wash.

  2. thanks for your positive comment! If you need another one you know where to come now! And I am hoping to offer one of these soon in my 'Tuesday Giveaway'so please keep an eye out & thanks for following!



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