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Friday, 25 February 2011

Online Shopping Fail

I've had a bit of an Online Shopping Fail..........

My Asda shop was delivered earlier and amongst the shopping was a Steak pie that I added at the last minute whilst amending my order for the 3rd time. I was just about to check-out and saw that there was a Rollback on their 'Ultimate Steak Pie'.

'Ultimate' I thought, WOW that sounds good! According to The Free Dictionary one of the definitions of 'Ultimate' is :  "Of the greatest possible size or significance; maximum"

Perfect for Friday tea, along with a bag of chippy chips, I thought. If there wasn't quite enough to go around my hungry brood I would have some of my leftover curry with my chips (I'm used to there not being enough to go around now that Sam eats like an adult!).

So when I unpacked my shopping can you imagine the laughter from myself & my friend when I saw the size of the pie :

Ok so the packaging states that it weighs just 250g but, come on, it says 'ULTIMATE' ......surely it's an easy mistake to make??

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  1. That's funny!!I remember getting 1 carrot and 1 parsnip. I thought I'd ordered a bag full!

  2. That's funny!!I remember getting 1 carrot and 1 parsnip. I thought I'd ordered a bag full!

  3. Well you already saw my post, its a mistake I make far too often because I stupidly judge by the pictures!!x

  4. jessies_online22 July 2011 at 11:59

    That's why they do it......and we stupidly fall for it!

  5. Oh yes I think that is a very easy mistaka to maka! I have done that before with a diddy quiche!

  6. they fool us into thinking we're getting a bargain!

  7. My God. That is the biggest child I have ever seen in my life. The Ultimate Child. He should be at the top of a beanstalk

  8. ghostwritermummy1 October 2011 at 16:40

    hahaha!! It is quite thick though...

  9. You didn't actually think a pie frommthat size box would feed you all, did you? Did you think that box was a Tardis or something!?? Lol ahhhh that's made me laugh x

  10. I remember reading this first time and I though then that it was ridiculous!

  11. I bought it online, it looked the same size as all the other pies but this one was special, it was had to be the best...right?

  12. ridiculous that I thought the pie would feed a family or ridiculous that Asda would call a pathetic little pie 'ultimate' ?

  13. he is pretty big.....but that pie was still too bloody small !!

  14. but it was still only the size of an was a toddler pie really.

  15. yes sometimes you just see the price and think "thats a good bargain to feed the family" , then it turns out its an expensive snack for 1!! drawback of online shopping I suppose.


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