The Crazy Kitchen: Flashback Friday - Sun, Sangria & a 90's Perm

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Flashback Friday - Sun, Sangria & a 90's Perm

I was so excited when I saw 'Flashback Friday' on Cafe Bebe's Blog, an invitation to have a good root through our old photo's and remember some good times.

My photo was taken in 1991 during a holiday in the Algarve with my boyfriend. Well when I say 'my boyfriend' he was when we booked the holiday but by the time we went we were no longer together. I have absolutely no idea why I still wanted to go on that holiday with him, looking back I should've sent him packing & taken one of my friends instead, but being only 21 and probably still 'in love' maybe I was hoping that given a little sunshine & sangria the relationship would be rekindled! Oh how wrong I was!!

Clearly I did have a good time, why else would I have my mouth open so wide, laughing loudly?? (Maybe a little too much Sangria in the bathroom had something to do with it!) It wasn't all fun though, as, along with the weather, our 'friendship' deteriorated in the second week when he told me that the reason we had broken up was because he had been, and still was, seeing a friend of mine behind my back!!!!

OMG, I wanted to go home to my Mum there and then but still had to spend another few days sharing a tiny apartment with someone that I couldn't stand to be in the same Universe as, and it was raining outside!

Oh dear this was supposed to bring back happy memories and there I am sharing with the world one of the most  humiliating break-ups of my life! 

The photo does bring back happy memories of having lovely tanned slim legs and the best perm that I had ever experienced though..........

And by the way......I may just be organised enough to actually post my Flashback Friday on a Friday next week!!


  1. Oh no...what a nightmare being stuck abroad with such a ratbag!! Love the perm though! :) xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. thanks Wendy & Liska - I hope she doesn't mind that I'm a day late though!!

  4. Karin will be thrilled.
    You got her to the magic 20. :-)
    Great perm and post

  5. Helen! What a perfect post and you do make 20 linkys in my first Flashback Friday! Thank you so much. I have memories like this as well. Looking forward to sharing them every Friday now. Please come back next week. :D


  6. blimey some story behind that photo! What a holiday o remember and probably one to forget! Still we live and learn. Loving the perm hee hee x



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