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Friday, 25 February 2011

Flashback Friday - Let them Eat Cake!

I am really getting into Cafe Bebe's Flashback Friday as it gives me a great excuse to have a look through old photos and remember some happy times. This week I have chosen to share the 1st birthday's of my 3 children.

When my eldest son was born we lived in the US and it seemed to be a bit of a tradition there that you would let the baby at the cake on their 1st birthday to see what they did with it. By the time we celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday we had moved back to the UK but still went along with the tradition, and again when it was Jacks 1st birthday a few years later.

So here they are, my 3 children and their 1st Birthday Party pictures - along with their Chocolate Button hedgehog cakes made by Nanny. I think it really shows their personalities :

Sam in 2001, he picked each chocolate button off one by one and ate them reasonably cleanly...

Hanna, in 2003, just dived straight in, head first ......and made lots of mess!

And Jack, in 2010, being the fussy and mischievous monkey that he is just played with it....

And I couldn't leave this picture out......this is me in 1971, age 10 months


  1. You ate brave letting your children literally get into their birthday cakes - mess ahoy! Lol
    Funny photos but clearly the best one is of you hee hee :) x

  2. hehehe fabulous!

    I love messy kids, especially when they're covered in chocolate! :)


  3. OMG!!! How bloomin' fabulous are those?? I adore your post today! As an American I whole-heartedly approve of you adopting the 1st Birthday Tradition. My English Family didn't understand that one! I love your hedgehog daughter would too...she loves hedgehogs! Do you have a recipe for it??

    Thanks for entering Flashback Friday! :)


  4. Oh my word, I absolutely LOVE the second one.....what mess! And that photo of you at the bottom with the wide eyes is fabulous.

  5. Ha ha I remember this post! Such funny photos :)

  6. Oh yes: Now you're talking! I love that idea, and how all three children did something completely different. Your daughter's michevious isn't she?

    *Love* your innocent little face!

    Thanks for linking up!

  7. What a fab post...I love the "dive-in" approach best!! xxx

  8. thanks for all the new comments & for 'The Boy & Me' for doing this link up. I would say that Jack is the most 'mischievous' , Hanna just loves her chocolate!! Although she has got terrible 'fiddly fingers'!

  9. Now that is SERIOUS eating! Fabulous! Found you via Showcase!

  10. Wonderful photos - love the idea f leting them have their cake! Great birthday fun x



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