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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Am I turning into my Mother???

Today I bought clothes from M&S......... Are M&S making nicer clothes these days? Or has my taste in clothes changed and I've become middle-aged.........???

I didn't intentionally go looking for clothes in M&S , these days I don't really go anywhere intentionally looking for clothes, except my wardrobe, and then I can never seem to find anything I like. You see I was walking through the clothes section on my way to the cafe where my Mum and Dad wanted to go for a coffee. We had just met up so they could hand Jack back to me after his little holiday at Nanny's, I had my other two with me as well and they wanted to go to Asda so they could use some pester power on Nanny & Pop Pop for some sweets and Match Attax cards, but the coffee is apparently nicer in M&S so that's where we went.

I was quite surprised when I walked through the ladies wear section and saw not just one but a few tops that I quite liked, so when the family was all settled in the cafe drinking their hot chocolates and eating iced Hot Cross Buns I made a quick dash for the fitting rooms, tops in hand..........

After deciding on a couple of tops I could hear that the family had found me........and were getting bored! So I quickly headed over to the cashier, who told me that if I spent £10 in the Food Hall I would be entitled to a voucher that would give me £10 off my clothing purchase, in effect giving me £10 of food or drink or whatever I bought for free! Well I couldn't miss an opportunity like this could I? - Much to the dismay of my 'bored' kids. Good old Pop Pop decided that he would take the boys to Asda for a look round whilst I went to get groceries with Hanna & Nanny - Hanna saw it as an opportunity to 'ask' Nanny for some sweets!

So £24 of groceries later, I headed back to pay for my clothes (via the kids department where I picked up a pair of shoes for my God-daughter). I should have really only spent the required £10 (on wine) but I needed a few bits anyway & couldn't face dragging the kids around Adsa too, and Hanna got Hello kitty chocolates, some flying saucers and £1 off Nanny!!

and this is what I bought : (couldn't get the pics any bigger)

This top in the blue below

So am I turning into a middle-aged Mumsy Mum?? Please tell me not......not just yet anyway, I'm not sure I'm ready.

If there's anyone that doesn't wan't to miss this offer, head over to M&S & claim your £10 voucher. You need to spend over £10 on groceries to get the voucher which can then be used when you spend over £50 on women's clothes, shoes or underwear.


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